TradStar - 0.246 ID *UN-FLETCHED* 32"

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Looking for more traditional arrows but with Sirius precision?  You found it! TradStar arrow brings together precision tolerances in a budget-friendly package.

The TradStar arrows is a standard diameter shaft that has been engineered to outperform the others in its class.  TIght tolerances combined with lighter spines allow the traditional hunter have faster recovery out of the bow and a HIGH FOC!

The TradStar comes standard with a 12-grain insert and 8-grain nock. Ethics Archery inserts are available as an upgrade.  We have a full custom shop where you can have us install feathers or vanes.

If ordering pre-cut shafts, please see our Arrow Cutting page for cut length information. We cut and ship the product as a "Carbon to Carbon" cut length.

Please see our "Sirius Arrow Builds" page for custom build arrow options.