SIRIUS ARROW CUSTOM BUILD - add on service, shaft purchase required

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*Price includes vanes and wraps**

Sirius is currently working on a full line of custom builds. This service offers the following:

-Spine Indexing and sorting

-Arrow cutting and squaring

-Insert installation (24hr cure epoxy for internal fitting components. Outsert sleeves are bonded with Bohning Cool Flex to allow for broadhead tuning if required)

-Weight grain matching above spec weight

-Custom fletch (3 fletch, 4 fletch, 90/90, 105/75, helical, offset, you name it!)

Sirius is open to working with customers on fletching options. This is a great way to get the exact arrow you need without the burden of driving to your local archery Pro Shop. 

Please allow 3-5 weeks for a true custom build. The Sirius Archery team with work with you directly to ensure you are going to be happy with your build. 

Reach out to us for fletching and arrow wrap options. We are flexible in ordering materials you need for the build you want.