A brand built with a purpose!

At Sirius Archery, we strive to put the best product on the market. We use high grade carbons in our products yielding a great strength to weight profile, built for maximum durability. Our goal = provide the most durable shaft for any arrow build, regardless of the circumstance!

We truly take that statement to heart! On our shafts, we offer what is traditionally know as an aftermarket (40$) component upgrade, and offer that as a STANDARD to our customers. We can do this, while coming in competitive to others cost by staying direct to consumer. We are the FIRST to do this.

On TOP of that, we offer a full custom build service, direct to consumer. This is a true bow shop custom build, shipped to YOUR DOOR. This is NOT your box store build. Every build is a personal experience with the customer. We work directly with you, to offer our best input and build EXACTLY what YOU want. Shafts come spine aligned, squared and ready to shoot. We are the first to take this bow shop build (100% custom) and offer it DIRECT TO CONSUMER.